Funeral Flowers

Coping with death is difficult for all involved, including the close family members and the people who care about them. Funerals play an important role in coping with death and the ensuing grief. Just showing up to the funeral shows your respect for the deceased and support for the survivors. In many cultures, the act of sending funerals is also tradition. By sending flowers to the funeral home or residence, you let the survivors know that they are in your thoughts. Funeral flowers also make a strong visual impact which can transform a funeral from a depressing event into a celebration of the deceased’s life and create an atmosphere of hope.

For over two decades, Rosies & Posies Campbell florist has been creating tasteful funeral flowers, including casket sprays, funeral wreaths, and funeral gift baskets. You can count on us during this difficult time to create funeral flower arrangements which speak the emotions words cannot.

What flowers are appropriate to send to the funeral home?
In many cultures, it is tradition for the casket to be adorned with an arrangement of flowers known as a casket spray. A half-couch casket spray is used for open-casket funerals whereas a full-couch casket spray is used on closed caskets. The casket spray is typically chosen by a family member close to the deceased. Children or grandchildren of the deceased may choose a funeral pillow adorned with flowers to include within the casket.

Funeral wreaths, funeral sprays on easels, and funeral baskets can be sent to the funeral home by anyone. Note that funeral flowers are not usually used in Jewish funerals and may be considered inappropriate. It is, however, acceptable to show your support during a Jewish funeral by sending flowers or gift baskets to the residence. For practical reasons, flowers in vases are not usually sent to funeral homes. Flower baskets are more appropriate.

Typically, funeral arrangements consist of subdued colors like whites, pinks, and lavenders. White lilies and white roses are particularly significant as funeral flowers. However, Rosies & Posies Campbell florist can make tasteful funeral flower arrangements out of any color or type of flower. Feel free to request funeral arrangements in the deceased’s favorite colors or from his/her favorite flowers.

What if the death notice says “In Lieu Of Flowers”?
If the death notice says to donate to a charity in lieu of flowers, it is still acceptable to send flowers to the funeral home to show support. The flowers add warmth to the funeral and have a strong visual impact on the service. In these situations though, most people do opt to send smaller arrangements to the funeral home or go in with other family members on the arrangements.

Should you send sympathy flowers to the residence?
By sending sympathy flowers to the residence, you are showing the survivors that you are thinking of them. The sympathy flowers help create a more positive atmosphere and can help with the grieving process. Gift baskets of food sent to the residence also serve a practical purpose in helping provide for the many guests which may visit after a funeral. If you were unable to attend the funeral or did not know the deceased directly, you can still show support for the survivors with sympathy flowers. Unlike flowers for the funeral home, sympathy flowers can be in a vase.

What should you write on the card?
All sympathy and funeral flowers from Rosies & Posies Campbell florist come with a card. When ordering online, you will be given an opportunity to choose a card during checkout and include a message. Figuring out what to write on the card can be very difficult. Remember that the sympathy flowers themselves will send a profound message of support to the family. A simple message of “You are in our thoughts”, “In loving memory”, or “Our prayers are with you” will convey your feelings. Don’t forget to include who the sympathy flowers are from.

Rosies & Posies Campbell florist is ready to help during this difficult time. You can order sympathy flowers online or call us directly for assistance in choosing an arrangement which conveys your sympathies.